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International HipHop Summer Camp 2003

HipHop website


JFC Medienzentrum Koeln

Address and contact details

JFC Medienzentrum Koeln
Sascha Duex
Hansaring 82-86
50670 Koeln
Website: http://www.jfcmedienzentrum.de
Project website: http://hiphop-projekt.de

Project partners

Modern Soul Academy, Stockholm
Escolta Josep Carol, Barcelona
HipHop-Netzwerk Nippes, Cologne
CrossCulture Network, Germany


Cologne and Adenau (Germany), August 9-17, 2003


The HipHop Network Nippes connects several youth centers and a school for students with special needs in the city of Cologne/Germany. There are workshops and public presentations going on every autumn/winter since 2001, and there's a project website http://hiphop-projekt.de run by the JFC Medienzentrum, a non profit youth media organisation in Cologne. In early 2003, Tim Weedon from the Modern Soul Academy Stockholm found this project website and made contact to the HipHop Network. Together the idea of an international HipHop summer camp was developed.

Aims and objectives

  • reaching young people from different countries, especially young people from immigrant families in different countries
  • respect for people from other countries and backgrounds
  • communication about the situation in different countries, especially for immigrants
  • expression of thoughts, ideas and wishes through media and hiphop culture
  • learning about the history of hiphop culture

Involvement of children / Participants

28 young people (12 from Cologne, 6 from Barcelona, 10 from
Sweden) plus 14 leaders and workshop trainers

Target audience

Young people from 15 to 21 years, especially young people from
immigrant families


The young people involved in the local hiphop network in Cologne Nippes (Germany)


European Union YOUTH programme
City of Cologne Youth Office
Federal Foreign Office Germany


18.000 Euro


The project was a big success, a lot of work and big fun for everyone involved. Within a workshop phase of 5 days, 12 songs, 3 videos and a website with lots of pictures and mp3-interviews were produced; there were choreographies and b-boying, a whole wall full of graffiti paintings and live performances raising the self confidence of every participant. The project won an award at the Netdays Germany.


Many of the participants, especially those from Spain and Germany, where not used to speaking English. Though, the elements of hiphop - music, rapping, dance and graffiti painting - proved to be a truly universal language.


The Camp was evaluated with the participants and later on discussed with media educators within the CrossCulture network.

Quotes from the participants

"Have you ever thought about making a movie? Even if it can eem a utopia for anyone who isn't involved in the production of films, it isn't so difficult. Once you've learnt how to use certain programs as iMovie or Adobe Premiere, all you need to do is take good shots and funny pictures in order to create an amazing film. Following someone else's opinion may help you to have different point of views which will make it more interesting and complete. Instead of being a tabu, technology should enable us to reach our goals by focusing our direction. Therefore, taking part in the media workshop has helped us to notice how sometimes we are the only ones who dare put a limit to our dreams." - Ainhoa from Spain

"I originally started out in the rap workshop. As I'm a singer that was the workshop that appealed to me the most. So me and the rest of the other Swedish girls decided to try rapping for the first time. We got some help from Tim, Kyle and Mark to start writing our rapverses and agreed to sing the chorus together. We eventually moved on to the studio were Lajo and Jordi produced the track. I started off singing the chorus and then Negar and Adiam recorded the tones. We all got individual help with tightening our rapping skills as well as coming up with new melodies, texts and adlibs. I think this experience helped me grow musicwise as it taught me how to record more properly and how to use the advice that Lajo and Jordi gave me. Although I've recorded in studios before I personaly think that these past few days brought out another side of me." - Milén from Sweden


All the songs, movies, interviews and pictures from the camp can be found at the project website.


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