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Kids helping kids

UNICEF Ireland


UNICEF Ireland

Address and contact details

Anne Marie Foran
UNICEF Ireland
25-26 Great Strand Street
Dublin 1
Tel.: +353 1 878 3000
Fax: +353 1 878 6655
Email: annemarie@unicef.ie
URL: www.unicef.ie or Kids helping kids website

Project partners

Local and regional newspapers serve as media partners. In 2002, these partners included Athlone Topic, The Bray People, Clare County Express, Dundalk Democrat, Fingal Independent, Limerick Leader, Longford News, The Northern Standard, Roscommon Herald, Southern Star, Tuam Herald, and Western People Ltd.




Launched in 2000, Kids Helping Kids is designed to offer an opportunity for Irish children to make a difference in the lives of other children living in difficult circumstances. Beginning each year at Halloween (late October), UNICEF Ireland provides information, online and printed materials, and suggested activities to teachers and students about an issue impacting children globally. It also encourages kids and their teachers to initiate educational fund-raising activities.

Aims and objectives

Information provided on the Kids Helping Kids page on the UNICEF Ireland site is the basis for this programme. Information is divided into two sections, each of which is designed to be appropriate for the age and skill level of either primary school or secondary school students. Additional suggestions for action projects, as well as links to information resources, are also provided. The Kids Helping Kids pack may also be obtained in printed format (see contact information above).
On the basis of the guidance provided on this site, each year students, teachers and parents organise initiatives such as fashion shows, plays, raffles, bake sales and dance-a-thons in their schools and communities. In the 2002 project, funds were raised for child victims of the war in Sierra Leone. In 2001, Kids Helping Kids focused on ensuring children's universal right to health care and on raising funds to help UNICEF protect children
in Zambia from malaria. In its first year, Irish students were encouraged to raise funds for and awareness of UNICEF's emergency educational support, known as 'School-in-a-box' kits (portable classrooms that can be adapted to re-establish schools quickly for child refugees and victims of war or disaster).
Each year, partnering newspapers agree to make an effort to publish submissions from schools about their action projects and to raise awareness of the issue of child victims of war.

Involvement of children

Since its creation in 2000, hundreds of students and schools nationwide have participated in Kids Helping Kids. Students, teachers and parents have organised creative initiatives such as fashion shows, plays, raffles, bake sales and dance-a-thons in their schools and communities. Thousands of euros have been raised to benefit worthy initiatives.
This year Kids Helping Kids has a great, new educational resource-tool for teachers and the classroom. A 10-minute video is available which features information on the background and history of UNICEF with a closer look at the issue of polio vaccination worldwide. Great footage from Samantha Mumba's recent trip to Zambia with UNICEF is also included.

Target audience

General public in Ireland, with a focus on youth participation and media involvement

Wider beneficiaries

Children worldwide - each year has a specific campagin topic. This year Kids Helping Kids will focus its fundraising program on UNICEF Ireland's latest campaign, "The Race to Reach the Last Child - Help UNICEF Ireland make Polio history by 2003".
With just 2 years and only 7 countries to go before the intended global eradication of Polio, UNICEF Ireland has decided to focus its 2003 volunteer fundraising campaigns - kids, volunteers and businesses - on the issue of Polio. This will be an extensive, targeted nationwide campaign, offering the Irish public a real opportunity to be a positive part of history.


UNICEF Ireland

Strengths of project

Kids helping kids involves young people in a number of ways. They can use their creativity to develop (media) strategies for fundraising and are then also directly involved in the fundraising process. The overarching character of the project, i.e. the interaction of children, adults and the media, has let the project become a success.

Further resources

In fulfilling the mandate of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF Ireland is pleased to offer classroom resources, UNICEF publications and research assistance to both teachers and students pertaining to children's rights and the state of the world's children. A minimal fee may apply to some requests for postage and printing costs. To inquire about information services, please contact UNICEF's Information Officer in Ireland, Kay Nolan.


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