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Refugee Youth in America


Refugee Youth in America
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 415
New York, NY 10036, USA

Project partners

The International Center for Global Communications Foundation, Inc

Governess Films


The public education campaign is a nationwide initiative. The documentary film is based in the Seattle area.


Settling in Seattle is a film about four refugee youth in America. It is intended to show the challenges and success stories of youth who have fled war and persecution to find a new life in America. It also intends to confront US legislation that is lowering the number of refugee admissions to the United States of America, compounded by the events of September 11th.

Aims and objectives

To promote the use of youth-friendly mediums (such as film, TV, multimedia, music and the arts) to increase awareness about refugee issues in the United States of America.


Refugee youth will be both subjects of the documentary and - after basic training in digital filmmaking - filmmakers on the project. Youth groups around the United States of America will be invited to participate in the campaign by arranging their own World Refugee Day events in their communities. The project's website will provide resources and referrals to help youth and community groups integrate media and the arts into their outreach efforts.

Target audience


Wider beneficiaries

The American public will benefit from hearing the stories of refugees and the challenges they endure leaving family and friends and adapting to a completely new life in the United States of America.

Involvement of children
Youth will be involved as subjects of the film, as filmmakers and as community organizers.

Summary of project

Refugee Youth in America is an innovative public education campaign aimed at using youth-friendly mediums (such as film, TV, music and the arts) to increase awareness of refugee issues in the the United States of America.


Community Collaboratives for Refugee Women and Youth

The International Rescue Committee



Strengths of project

Very youth-driven. Innovative in terms of utilizing a documentary film as an education tool. Corresponds with the theme of World Refugee Day, which is refugee youth.

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