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Televisa Niños Te Damos Tu Lugar (We Give You Your Place)


Televisa Niños

Contact details

Raúl Estrada, Co-ordinator of Children's Projects
Televisa Niños
Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos 2551
Col. Lomas de San Angel Inn
México, D.F., 01790
Tel: 0052 015 7283999 ext: 2637 or 2340
Email: televisaninos@televisa.com.mx
Website: www.televisa.com.mx




Televisa is a television and entertainment company with 50 years experience and tradition in Latin America. From its beginnings Televisa has sought to cater for young members of the public. Within a month of being founded, Televisa started transmitting the work of Cachirulo, one of most important figures in children's television in Mexico.

Televisa Niños represents the consolidation of our pioneering provision of children's programming. If our fundamental objective is to entertain and to amuse, we also have to recognize our social responsibility to incorporate positive content within each of our products.

Aims and objectives


To produce and promote programmes dedicated to children for their entertainment and to support their individual development.


• To make Televisa Niños a promoter of programmes dedicated to children's television, conscious of the need for positive content and commercial direction to obtain economic benefits.

• To make Televisa an institution recognized by society as a promoter of quality content directed towards children.

• To make Televisa an enterprise that supports the development of each boy and girl, promoting human values and those of Mexican society.

• To ensure that Televisa Niños promotes the development of people and organizations that dedicate themselves to create quality spaces for children.


• Team work as the basis of success.

• Making honesty the link between what we feel, think, say and do.

• Making self-esteem the basis for development.

• Promoting Mexico and its patriotic values.

• Equality of opportunities for girls and boys.

• Respecting differences, including opportunities to share all points of view.

• Giving attention to the rights and responsibilities of children.

• Ensuring that our actions are focused on Mexican culture.

• Personal development as the basis for strengthening the group, the company, society and the country.


A team of five people plus two advisers:

Rosy Ocampo, Televisa Niños's Director, has participated in the production of children's cultural and educational programmes like The Stories of Cri-Cri. Since 1983 she has been the producer of Plaza Sésamo. She has been an innovative producer of soap operas, including Daniela's Diary; Friends Forever, the first soap opera to cast an actor with Down's Syndrome, which campaigned about discrimination against children with disabilities; and Adventures in Time, Mexico's first science fiction soap opera. She produced Mexico's Live Aid, which broke audience records and is now working on a new soap opera, Accomplices to the Rescue.

Raúl Estrada, Co-ordinator of Children's Projects.

Mario Alberto Muñoz Huerta, Evaluation Co-ordinator of Children's Projects.

Lourdes Nájera, Project Leader.

Antonio Torres, Project Leader.


Rosalía Suárez Avalos, Child Psychologist at the Iberoamericana University.

Marcela Gómez Fernández, teacher and expert on juvenile behaviour.

Target audience


Wider beneficiaries

Children and society at large. Televisa itself, by being seen to be a responsible broadcaster.

Involvement of children

Children participate in television workshops and are consulted through surveys and interaction with other children.

Their participation is developed in various ways:

We have a Children's Advisory Group, which includes six girls and six boys aged 6-12. This group meets each month with Rosy Ocampo, along with the most senior producers, and with managers of other important products from the Televisa group, such as websites, magazines and radio programmes for children. This enables children to express their opinions and suggestions directly to the people who develop young people's media. Participants in the group vary, and are selected through letters and emails prior to the meeting.

This exchange of opinions is also carried out through Internet chats on an international level. This gives children who cannot come to Televisa in Mexico City an opportunity to express their opinions.

At the same time, Televisa works with the Social Investigation Institute, a market research organization. By this means we find out what children enjoy and how they spend their time, as well as assessing the response to each programme on a weekly basis. In addition, we receive more than 50 emails every day from children themselves, expressing their opinions and making suggestions.

Summary of project

Television workshop

Children can learn to make a television programme at Televisa Niños's television workshop at the Children's City. The use of video, examples of good practice and hands-on experience will mean they learn all the elements that go into making a television programme. For a brief period, the girls and the boys become camera operators, actors, actresses, engineers and other television workers.


The children wear the appropriate clothes for their roles and each child is given a studio badge with his or her photo, giving them the sense of belonging to the operation.


The children are guided throughout the process by professionals, but the end result is their own work. The boy or girl 'floor manager' directs the team to make an eclectic production, which may be part of a soap opera, magazine programme or weather report. Several production techniques are used, with sets that can be easily managed by the children.

In the end

After the workshop, all the participants are invited to see the final result, a commercial programme that reinforces the experience and shows the results of their work. They are given a copy of the video.

Strengths of project

• It involves the children with mainstream media.

• It takes account of children's opinions about their programmes, and makes this the focus of our work.

• It meets the challenge of meeting both the best interests of the child and commercial sustainability.

• It is also important to mention that Televisa Niños is going through an evolutionary process of technological development.


To ensure that all children's programmes include the values that Televisa Niños is promoting, in order to achieve our goal - to improve children's entertainment and development.

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