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Welcome to the MAGICbank where you can find exciting media initiatives by, with and for children. Entries in the bank feature a summary of the initiative, a section on challenges and lessons learned, plus contact details. The projects highlight good practice and will also provide inspiration and practical information for all those wishing to develop initiatives involving children and the media.

You can use the bank in two ways:

• browse an A-Z listing of all the entries, each accompanied by a short summary;

• search by choosing one of the menu options. You can come back and search again under a different option, but you cannot choose more than one option at any one time.

Wherever you see the showreel icon, this means you will be able to access an example of that project's work.

Please note, entries in the MAGICbank contain links that will take you to new, non-UNICEF websites.

Add your project to the Bank

Adding your project to the bank is simple. Just fill in the form and press Send.

We also welcome video and audio clips, PDFs of your work, and links to websites that features examples. We have produced some simple guidelines on how to send examples of your work, including links to software that might make this easier for you. Each project will be edited before it appears in the bank, so there may be a delay before you see your project.

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