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Check out the
"Unite for children, unite against AIDS" video

You can still participate, of course, and send us YOUR version so we can add it to the video.

Help make the AIDS Campaign video

UNICEF started a global campaign this year called "Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS". We are now looking for young people around the globe to help us create a short multilingual video with the message "Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS".

We have received some videos from young people around the world already. You can see them here!

If you want to be part of this, all you have to do is get some young people (friends, brothers, sisters, neighbours, classmates, etc.) together, take a video camera and record how you all say together "Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS". This should be done in your local language - no translations needed - as it is a global campaign, we would like to have as many different languages as possible.

Then please get in touch with Chris Schuepp and we will see how you can get the material to us. We would prefer if you sent us the material via email or the Internet; there are different ways of doing this.

The best possible quality would be great, for example, uncompressed video footage with sound. Leave a couple of seconds before the slogan and after the slogan so we can edit it into the video. Try to find a cool location - outdoors is best - so the viewers can get an idea of where you are from. You can also rcord multiple shots, with groups, individuals, etc., and send them to us.

We will try and make sure the final video gets on a number of websites and will be ready to talk to broadcasters if they want to show the video. Of course this is a not-for-profit project, so we cannot offer any payments, just the feeling of being part of something "bigger" and supporting UNICEF's work for children around the world.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions - and spread the news about the project to everybody you know who might want to join!

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