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Non-governmental organisations

Both national and international NGOs based in Madagascar provide UNICEF with valuable support to help meet commitments for Malagasy children and women.

UNICEF Madagascar works with human rights networks, professional groups, civil society organisations and charities to distribute materials; carry out research; assist with monitoring and evaluation; build capacity; advocate for children's rights; and to pursue other activities that protect and promote children's rights.

UNICEF's implementing partners in Madagascar are:

  • Groupe Rercherches et Echanges Technologie
  • Action SOS
  • Antilin'i Madagascar 
  • Association Anglican Mothers' Union (Reninjaza Nasionaly Anglican)
  • Association Dhefi Mada
  • Association Diakonia 
  • Association Famonjena
  • Association Manasoa
  • Association Miarintsoa
  • Association Primas
  • Association Sampati-FJKM
  • Association Serasera Fanantenana
  • Association Soarano
  • Association Tantsary
  • Association Tily eto Madagasikara
  • Association Zetra
  • ATD Quart Monde
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS-Madagascar)
  • Centre Malgache Developpement Lecture Publique et Animation
  • ECAR ESS Centre de Recherche
  • ECAR Centre de Promotion Rurale Saint Benoit
  • Fanilon'I Madagasikara FAWE Mahajanga
  • Foibe Fitondran-tsekoly FJKM
  • Justice et  Paix
  • Kiadin'I Madagasikara
  • Mpanazava eto Madagasikar (Association)
  • Action pour le Developpement de Manjakandriana)
  • Aide et Action
  • CARITAS Madagascar
  • CDD Antsiranana
  • CODE Menabe
  • Conseil de Développement d'Andohatapenaka (CDA)
  • Fandrosoana
  • Fanirisoa
  • Fivoarana
  • Hardi
  • Interaide
  • Mamizo
  • Organe de Developpement du Diocese de Toamasina (ODDIT)
  • Salohy
  • Sarandra - Conseil et Développement
  • Sehatra Ivoaran'ny Vehivavy (SIVE)
  • St Gabriel
  • Taratra
  • Trans Mad Developpement (TMD)
  • PACT Madagascar
  • SAGE Fampandrosoana Maharitra-Service Appui Gestion Environn
  • Syndicat de Professionnels Diplomés en Travail Social
  • Voahary Salama
  • VSF - Femmes, Sciences, Developpement



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