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Two big contests for children and journalists for UNICEF's 70th Anniversary

Press conference                                                                    UNICEF Madagascar launches two big events to celebrate UNICEF's 70th anniversary: one national drawing contest is open to children at school to encourage them in shaping their hope. Another contest invites applications from local journalists to strengthen their role in the promotion of children's rights


Population witnessing after Enawo cyclone

Airtel and UNICEF hand in hand to reach children from vulnerable families

Cash transfert MoU


 UNICEF and Airtel Madagascar signed on December 12th 2016 the MoU to support the program "Let Us Learn" by the 2 parties representatives. This partnership is the continuous framework of the established collaboration between Airtel and UNICEF within 17 countries in Africa since February 2015.


Case of cash transfer

A “Tour de Force” for UNICEF’s 70th anniversary



For 10 days (9-18 December), the 70th anniversary of UNICEF literally rolled through Madagascar from the eastern port city of Tamatave, to the western coastal town of Morondava, concluding in the capital, Antananarivo. UNICEF-Madagascar teamed up with the 13thedition of “Tour de Mada” bicycle race, taking advantage of the large crowds and press the event draws to reach out to children and their parents across this vast island.


For an education of quality for all

Photos of Enawo cyclone

Enawo cyclone The Enawo cyclone was a devastating one for Malagasy population specially in the affected areas. These pictures show the reality on how the latest cyclone hit deadly people's properties. You can see some emergency response led by UNICEF Madagascar team.
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