Water gives life to the population in Bekopiky Nord, Andalatanosy commune

Water gives life to the population in Bekopiky Nord, Andalatanosy commune

Collected by Etienne Ramandimbisoa, Written by Fanja Saholiarisoa
Miza Silvia before WASH facilities at school
UNICEF Madagascar/2020/Etienne Ramandimbisoa
04 August 2020

The village of Bekopiky is located in the southern part of Madagascar where water is scarce and access to water is difficult for almost all households.

Months ago, Miza Silvia had to walk long distances to fetch water for her family everyday before going to school. She had to go twice a day to a river some two kilometers from her home, a very challenging and very tiring responsibility for a 10-year-old. “It was so hard for me to go there. Sometimes, I would feel so tired I couldn’t focus at school. Many times, I missed my homework,” recalls Miza Silvia.

Today, the challenging walk has become of gently stroll to a newly built water source just five minutes’ walk from her house. “It’s such a relief as now I can dedicate more time at school”, she said.

Thanks to funding from the Norwegian Committee for UNICEF / KIWI, a solar-powered water system is now providing safe water to the whole population of the village of Bekopiky.

It’s just one of several projects that have been implemented since August 2019 to ensure that the local population have access to water, sanitation and hygiene services.

The Norwegian is supporting improved services for 800 households. The local primary school where Miza Silvia studies also has new three water pumps and one hand washing station, providing a safer environment.