"My priorities have changed since the day I had my twins", says Raherimanana Florette, 25

At just 25 years old, Florette had the good fortune to be the mother of two twins. Originally from Antsoatany Antsirabe, this peasant woman survives daily routines as best as she can since she does everything along with the twins Mitia and Stephanie

Fanja Saholiarisoa
Florette est femme au foyer. Cela lui donne des avantages de s'occuper des bebes
05 March 2020

It's hard to be a young mother of twins, but our lady assumes her role well. She is Raherimanana Florette, a young mother who, one year ago, gave birth to two adorable twins, Fandresena Mitia and Sandaniaina Stephanie. She had the first baby with a normal delivery while she had to be operated on for the second baby delivery due to a complication – an unforgettable adventure for our young mother discovering motherhood for the first time and in the bush.

However, Florette has never cared about anything and is leading a quiet life in her village in the cultivations, amid cooking fumes and poultry. She greeted us with a smile on her face, giving us exemplary serenity.

Her days are busy with her two twins. Having no nanny or a housekeeper, she somehow undertakes household chores coupled with the supervision of her two children, while her husband is working in the field all day long, leaving her all alone with the two babies.

"It's not easy being a mom especially when having two babies at a time. But I won't change my happiness into something else," says Florette, while she is pouring in the rice she is going to cook for the family's lunch.

Being a peasant woman, Florette did not have the luxury of experiencing modern life. Her days are summed up in fetching water, cooking over wood fires, washing clothes in the yard and in the chicken house. In her village, there is no standpipe, pond, or even a store. She will still have to travel miles to find the basic needs for her family: water, sugar, soap, coffee and even matches. Her days start around 7 a.m. and end around 7 p.m. His family sleeps early as there is no electricity at home.

For the first time this year, Florette will attend the celebration of the Women’s Day on 08 March in her village. "Just to be among my friends and to celebrate with joy because I am a mother and a woman," she explains. An event will be organized by the women of Antsoatany on this day. She will be invited to it. "For me, being a mom is more than a blessing. I live happily with my children every day and imagine that other women carry out their duty too," she concludes.