Luco, for future success


Luco veut devenir chanteur célèbre
UNICEF Madagascar/2021/Ramahenina
06 August 2021

Laha Luco loved football and dreamed of one day becoming a professional player. He stood out for his ball handling skills, more than anyone else in his group of friends. He was applauded. He had this dream of becoming a professional football player until the age of 14 when everything turned upside town. He was hit hard by polio. He lost the use of his legs. He lost his dream with this.

But Luco is resilient. He is the kind of child who doesn't give up easily. He pulls himself together. With the support of those around him, he is able to continue his teenage life like everyone else despite his disability. Now at 19, he is in second year in higher secondary school. After graduating next year, he plans to continue his university studies to become a doctor. But on top of that, he discovered another talent hidden deep inside him: Write and sing. Another dream emerges, that of becoming a famous professional songwriter and singer. "I want to be famous, to show the whole world that I am talented," he says with fervour and motivation.

He started writing song lyrics in 2019. Today, he has 20 tracks including one song that is particularly close to his heart, the one where he discusses the subject of the rights of the child and inclusion. This year, during the celebration of the Day against Child Labour in Amboasary, Luco was invited to participate in the awareness raising. He went on stage and performed this song about the rights of the child, which made a real hit among the authorities present at the event and the public. He even received serious proposals for collaboration and production. Maybe the start of a professional music career?

Luco dans sa chaise roulante
UNICEF Madagascar/2021/Ramahenina