Elementary school of Mahazendana; finally, classrooms to study with dignity!

Eight classrooms have been built by UNICEF with the support of the UNICEF Belgium National Committee in the South East of Madagascar, including two for the elementary school of Mahazendana

Samuel Samuel
Ecole construite par l'UNICEF à Madagascar
09 February 2022

For two years, the houses of individuals not far from the Public Primary School - EPP - of Mahazendana in the South-East of Madagascar have been used as classrooms for the 4th and 5th grade students. In such conditions, it is very difficult to concentrate and to prepare for one's first official exam with dignity. The classrooms are very small; the children are installed on tarps or mats because there is no furniture. A blackboard placed on a chair helps learning even if it is particularly worn.

For the 225 students in the elementary school, there is only one classroom. It is designed for preschool students, given their young age. Here again, everything shows the wear and tear of the infrastructure: very few desks and in very poor condition are used.

UNICEF, with the support and contribution of the UNICEF Belgium National Committee (Natcom Belge), is investing in the construction of infrastructures and the provision of equipment such as desks and blackboards as well as school supplies in the regions of Vatovavy and Fitovinany. This project targets nearly 400 children, 45% of whom are girls, who have found their way back to school and can get a little closer to their dreams.

For EPP Mahazendana, two new classrooms, as well as separate latrines for girls and boys have been built. The development and learning are complete with the construction of a mixed sports field for soccer and volleyball, and also a vegetable garden with about fifty fruit trees.

"Our thanks go to UNICEF for the realisation of this classroom construction project" says Rakotomahavonjy Jean Conant, the Director of the school at the provisional reception of the achievements.