5 young Malagasy sport players share their wishes for girls

5 young Malagasy sport players share their wishes for girls

L'Equipe championne de foot feminin jeunes filles U-16 brandissent leur coupe
08 March 2019

Every year since the beginning of the 20th century, the day of March 8 is an opportunity to remember that being a boy or a girl should not be a discrimination criteria when it comes to going to school, finding a job, or simply to grow. Not so long ago, the sport was also exclusively (or at least was more easly) associated with a man's world. Today, these young women prove to us that only the game matters.

Here is our selection of 5 young #InspiringMalagasyWomen in sport and their wishes for all girls.

Volatiana est basketteuse

Take care of your body! Take care of your mind !

Volatiana, 17, basketball player

Originally from Fandriana, Volatiana joined Antananarivo to continue her studies. She always dreamed of becoming one of the best basketball player and being one day selected from the national team. However, she has not abandoned his studies and continues to dribble between his homeworks and the ball.

Girls, sport is an ideal ally for us !

Mireille, 18, brown belt and multiple judo champion
Mireille est multiple championne de judo

At 18, Mireille ANDRIAMIFEHY already has a track record worthy of the greatest international athletes: Champion of Madagascar, Champion at the Games of the CJSOI, Knight of the Order of Merit for Sports, Silver Medal Team at the Youth Olympic Games in 2017, ... In other words, this young woman, who has practiced judo since her 5 years, has had an exceptional career.

For her, the practice of sport allows girls to open up to the world and is an asset in life in everyday life: to cope with moments of stress, anxiety or fear.

Randy est championne de tennis U-14

Believe in your dreams and work hard! Defeat gives us precious lessons

Randy, 13, Southern African tennis champion U-14

Despite her youthful age and her trophies, Randy has kept her feet on the ground and is aware of the efforts she has made to chain victories. When asked for the recipe to reach the top, she simply answers: "a lot of defeats but keep going every time (...) I'm not halfway to what I want to achieve". In other words, perseverance and ambition.

Studies First. There’s no hurry

Marcellia, 18, rugby player
Marcellia est joueuse de rugby
Terres en Mêlées

Since her beginnings in the village of Antsepoka, Toliara, Marcelia has come a long way. Until the Stade de France in Paris at the kickoff of the Six Nations Championship in February 2019.

Even after becoming a young mother at the age of 14, She now gave inspiration, guidance to all the young girls in her region where early pregnancies reaches record rates.
While continuing to raise her son, she was able to realize her dream of becoming an educator. Today, she shares her passion for rugby with other girls in her region, while pointing out that for girls who are too young, a classroom is even more comfortable than a delivery room.


Girls can play (at least) as well as boys

Sidonie, 16, football player

She started at age 5 with improvised balloons with wreckage of plastic bags. She is now evolving in a club and aspires to go further, aiming at the national team. Nothing stops Sidonie: neither the defenders of the opposing team, nor the sexist prejudices on football.