Citizens Budget 2020

So that citizens know where their money goes

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Direction Générale du Budget (MFB)


The State Budget, which is a fundamental instrument for the realization of government policy, reports on the way in which the revenue and expenditure of the State are used. The citizens’ document called "Citizens Budget" is an initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), the purpose of which is to put budgetary information on the finance law within reach of all citizens.

This citizens’ document relating to the ordinance on the 2020 Finance Law is a translation of the presidential promises for this fiscal year in budgetary terms and will thus highlight the macroeconomic perspectives and the major budgetary guidelines for the year 2020. In this context, the document outlines the government priorities established in the General State Policy.

This desire for openness to citizens adds up to all the efforts already initiated in terms of reforms in public administration. Better understanding thereof continues to be promoted through the dissemination of the document to a wider electorate. Thus, everyone is asked to share this Citizens Budget in order to achieve the goal regarding budget transparency. The production of this document was a result of collaboration with UNICEF to whom we express our thanks.

Budget des citoyens 2020
Ministère des Finances et du budget
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