Act in Madagascar and contribute to a sustainable planet...


In Ambovombe, Androy region, Madagascar, a boy takes shelter on a tree that grows in the direction the “Tioka” wind blows, to protect himself from the sandy wind.


Madagascar is among the top 10 countries where children are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, according to the Children’s Climate Risk Index published by UNICEF in 2021

The main factors that make children vulnerable to climate change are:

  • Protect the lives, health and well-being of children and the resilience of their communities by adapting essential social services to a changing climate, more frequent disasters and a deteriorating environment.
  • Empower every child throughout his or her life by providing opportunities for development, education, and the skills necessary to become an advocate for the environment.
  • Reduce UNICEF’s emissions and environmental footprint, support its global network of partners to do the same, and advocate for the implementation of ambitious international agreements on sustainable development and climate change.
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