World Children’s Day: UNICEF Madagascar provides a forum for children through Demokr’Ankizy and joins the global Going Blue campaign

19 November 2021
Demokrankizy 2021
UNICEF Madagascar/2021/Andrianandrasana

Antananarivo, 20 November, 2021 - Every year, World Children's Day is held on 20 November. This important date for UNICEF marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. At the end of this Convention, a promise was made for every child to have the right to health, education and protection; and also to have the right to a future and to make their voice heard.

"World Children's Day is a day of mobilization for UNICEF to take part in concrete actions to remind everyone of the importance of promoting and respecting children's rights. This commitment is more relevant than ever as children in Madagascar face many challenges to enjoy their most fundamental rights, "said UNICEF Representative Jean-François Basse. Indeed, to be aware of these challenges, let us recall these few figures from the 2018 MICS survey:

• Regarding national education:

         > 1 in 2 children aged 13-15 years did not complete the primary school;

         > 3 out of 10 children drop out at the end of the first year of primary school;


• Regarding access to health:

        > 2 children (12-23 months) out of 3 do not benefit from basic vaccinations: BCG, Polio 3, DTP3, measles;

        > The infant mortality rate is 60 per 1000 (reference 25 per 1000) and the neonatal mortality rate is 22 per 1000 (reference 12 per 1000)


• Regarding access to water, hygiene and sanitation:

        > 2 in 3 people living in rural areas do not have access to improved water sources;

        > Only 3 out of 10 people have a handwashing device with soap.


• Regarding nutrition:

        > 1 in 2 children under 5 suffers from chronic malnutrition (low height for age);


• Regarding social protection:

          > Only 1,5% of children are covered by health insurance, and only 1,8% of the population has benefited from a cash transfer

          > 3 in 4 children in Madagascar suffer from multidimensional poverty, which indicates that they are deprived of at least two dimensions of well-being (such as access to education, health, etc.), and 1 out of 4 children is deprived of 4 dimensions.


     For this year, two actions will mark this day for Madagascar, namely the Demokr’Ankizy programme and the global Going Blue campaign.

Demokr’ankizy - the right to participation and expression -

The Demokr’Ankizy programme, conceived entirely by and for children and initiated by UNICEF Madagascar, will be broadcasted on TVM and VIVA channels as well as on the UNICEF Madagascar Facebook page on 21 November from 4 p.m. In fact, about fifty children, coming from all regions of Madagascar, were able to interact with the President of the Republic at the State Palace of Iavoloha. Aged from 6 to 18 years old, living with a disability, single parents, orphans or even in the process of social reintegration, they were able to discuss issues related to their rights, health situation after the COVID-19 pandemic, the environment or even access to education which is a fundamental right for every child.


Going blue - the symbolic commitment of UNICEF Madagascar

Madagascar has also joined the global Going Blue campaign. To symbolize support for children's rights, a symbolic landmark is illuminated in cyan blue – colour of UNICEF. For Madagascar, it will be the Queen's Palace - Manjakamiadana - which will wear UNICEF’s colour, made available by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Communication and Culture. Every night for a whole week, from 19-26 November, where Manjakamiadana will be among the other buildings around the world which will symbolize the commitment to the promotion of the rights of the child.


enfant dessinateur


Enfant avec un handicap


Le Président de Madagascar avec les enfants demokrankizy


Lova Renée en animatrice




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