UNICEF Madagascar reaffirms its commitment to continue to work for the promotion of the rights of Malagasy children

20 November 2022
Tournoi de foot pour la journée mondiale de l'Enfance
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Ramasomanana

Antananarivo, 20 November 2022 – Madagascar, through UNICEF – in its mandate to improve living conditions and enable every child to enjoy his rights – is today celebrating World Children's Day through a series of activities to make voices heard at all levels.


Inclusion, for every child

This year, the celebration aims to convey all the positive messages of inclusion and equity for every child, regardless of his difference. The fight against all discrimination is recommended and needed to take shape so that the child can grow and develop in a healthy environment. While each child must fully enjoy his rights, the gap still exists in terms of access to education, quality care services or even complete and adequate social protection. According to the 2018 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), a significant number of children with disabilities are excluded from basic social services, including education, since only four per cent of them attend school. Moreover, most of the existing structures are not adapted and there is still lack of specialized teachers to care for them.

In fact, UNICEF Madagascar is sounding the alarm on the need to maintain actions so that every child can live and develop in the best conditions. UNICEF reaffirms inter alia its willingness to support the government in all key programmes and to collaborate with all associations and partners for the implementation and deployment of all actions.

Inclusion is also reflected in the new child rights song performed by Child Rights Ambassador, Mirado. The song entitled "Zon'ny Ankizy" and sung with Little Lova Renée, the courageous Luco and the active child called Gilardy, recalls the fundamental rights that every child must enjoy; it is an alarm call addressed to parents and all stakeholders so that together, we call for respect for all children’s rights.

Tournoi de foot pour la journée mondiale de l'Enfance
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Ramasomanana

Football, to convey inclusion and equity

This year, World Children's Day coincides with the official opening of a major event, the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar. UNICEF has thus borrowed the values ​​of this unifying sport to engage the world to the promotion of children's rights. Inclusion for each child is tantamount to tolerance, also respect, solidarity and commitment to others, a symbol of unity.

In Madagascar, in the cities of Ambovombe, Fénérive-Est and Antananarivo, nearly 250 children – beneficiaries of various UNICEF programmes – played the game, time for a mini 7-a-side soccer tournament. The atmosphere was at the top and the competition was also an opportunity to raise awareness around the rights of the child.

In Fénérive-Est, UNICEF and its partners have conveyed the importance of having an identity by encouraging parents to provide their children with the necessary documents from birth. On the side of Ambovombe, the continuous efforts of UNICEF were highlighted so that the population of the entire Androy region can face the risks related to climate change, drought that is at the origin of the lack of water and food.

In the capital, Ambassador Mirado and supporter of children's rights, and Lorah Gasy have united their voices for mobilization in favour of children. The game Ikal'io proposed by UNICEF for the Management of Menstrual Hygiene was presented to the public; the same for the recommendations for the protection of children online and awareness on respect for the environment.


"Going Blue", symbolic support for the promotion of children's rights

Every year, World Children's Day is also the opportunity for a historical monument of the country to turn blue – UNICEF colour. This year, for 10 days, the Queen's Palace will be in the colour of UNICEF to demonstrate the country's commitment to supporting children and supporting UNICEF in its mandate.

During the event at the Synthetic pitch of Andohalo, the public was encouraged to wear the blue colour for the team spirit to promote the rights of the child.

Le Palais de la Reine illuminé de bleu
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Ramasomanana

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