UNICEF Madagascar at the first Africa Climate Summit: advocacy for a sustainable future for Malagasy children

04 September 2023
Faire des kilomètres pour chercher de l'eau dans le sud aride de Madagascar

Nairobi, 04 September 2023 – UNICEF Madagascar plays a leading role at the first Africa Climate Summit by focusing on the devastating effects of climate change in Madagascar and by actively supporting the Climate Youth Alliance called ‘Aika’. The goal is to advocate for stronger climate action for children and youth, and ensure their participation in crucial discussions.

Madagascar is facing worrying impacts of climate change, including more frequent and intense cyclones, prolonged droughts and rising sea levels, thus putting the lives of children and youth at risk. UNICEF Madagascar is working with ‘Aika’ – Madagascar’s first national youth alliance for biodiversity, climate and desertification – to give a voice to future generations and urge governments to act decisively.

UNICEF Madagascar’s commitment is also reflected in its active participation in the side events of the summit. Malagasy youth will be represented to express their concerns about the effects of climate change in Madagascar. This will include advocacy for increased climate action for children and youth in the Nairobi Declaration.

UNICEF Madagascar will also take the opportunity to exchange with the UNICEF Deputy Executive Director to raise the specific concerns of Malagasy youth and to explore opportunities for collaboration to strengthen climate initiatives in the country – a key step towards a sustainable future for the children of Madagascar.

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Timothy James Irwin
Chief of Communication
UNICEF Madagascar

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