To strengthen the presence of local teams, UNICEF inaugurates its regional office for the Analanjirofo Region, in Fénérive-Est

27 May 2022
Nouveau bureau de l' UNICEF à Analanjirofo
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Andrianandrasana

Antananarivo, 27 May 2022 – UNICEF has officially inaugurated its new office in Fénérive-Est for the Analanjirofo Region. It was opened by Jean François Basse, UNICEF Representative in Madagascar, together with local authorities and various partners. Currently, UNICEF has four decentralized offices with 93 staff members.

UNICEF country programme document outlines continuous support at the level of decentralised structures, hence the gradual setting-up of its sub-offices. This new infrastructure is the first of many UNICEF intervention regions in Madagascar.

The establishment of this sub-office in Fénérive-Est promises to give new impetus to UNICEF's already fruitful and effective collaboration with its local partners and the population of the region. Today, Analanjirofo is a good example of the multi-sectoral interventions UNICEF is advocating to give every Malagasy child the best possible start in life. “May we continue to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and to promote the rights of the child,” said Jean-François Basse, UNICEF Representative.

In most districts of the Region, projects that affect all UNICEF intervention sectors are deployed: from nutrition to health, education, child protection, communication for behavioural change or access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services. As a reminder, 1, 200,000 people live in the Analanjirofo Region, including 569,000 children under the age of 18.

In the field of nutrition in particular, the Region is hosting a project in the district of Vavatenina, which was the subject of resource mobilisation from our loyal partners at the beginning of the year. Child protection is not left behind, as UNICEF – working in concert with the regional and local directorates – is very involved and even a role-player in the Child Protection Network in order to strengthen the protection system in the region.

On the other hand, a presence in the area is important in the context of risk and disaster reduction, another core mandate of UNICEF. The existence of the office in Analanjirofo helps reduce the impact of cyclones and natural disasters on the population. Today, UNICEF has worked with the authorities and partners to put in place a 2021-2022 cyclone flood contingency plan, which stipulates that 50 of 88 communes are at high risk of being affected by flooding in case of a strong cyclone.


Le nouveau bureau UNICEF à Analanjirofo
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Andrianandrasana
Inauguration du nouveau bureau UNICEF à Analanjirofo
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Andrianandrasana

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