Official presentation of Aika and the youth declaration of commitment

20 June 2023
Cérémonie de présentation de Aika
UNICEF Madagascar/2023/Ramahenina

June 20, 2023, Antananarivo - The first national alliance of Malagasy youth for biodiversity, climate and the fight against desertification, called Aika, was officially presented today to the authorities, partners and the public. It was also an opportunity to showcase the commitments made by young people to the climate as part of the Conference of Youth (COY). This initiative is the outcome of UNICEF Madagascar's ongoing support for the engagement and participation of youth in the climate and environment agenda.

Last April, more than 40 youth climate, environment and biodiversity organizations from 23 regions convened in Antananarivo for a bootcamp (a workshop) to form the alliance. The current environmental emergency and the desire of young people to make a greater contribution to meeting environmental challenges were the main reasons for this initiative.

The name "Aika", meaning "call" but also translated as "the qualifier of what is well achieved", has been chosen to represent the alliance. Its mission is to federate youth initiatives and support the commitment of Malagasy youth to governance and environmental justice.

Aika is positioned as an alliance that aims to support actions already implemented by young people in the 24 regions, without ever competing with any of them. Over the coming years, Aika will focus on 4 strategic areas:

·       Skills and tools for youth organizations

·       Funding and creating synergies for youth activities

·       Communication of youth action and advocacy

·       Capitalizaing on data and reporting on youth action


Youth declaration of commitment

Conferences of Youth (COY) are among the largest gatherings of committed young people. The event brings together young people from all over the world in the week leading up to the Conference of the Parties (COP), during which they develop proposals for decision-makers. Local consultations are also organized to prepare these proposals. Madagascar is one of the nations taking part in this dynamic, and has produced its declaration of youth commitment further to a local consultation involving 50 delegates from Antananarivo and the regions. This document will serve to provide a framework for youth organizations wishing to work on climate issues.


Creating synergies to leverage impact

Aika is open to partnership and support from any organization or individual wishing to make a contribution. UNICEF agrees with this vision and invests in supporting youth networks like AIKA, which represent a transformative force in meeting the challenges of climate change at local, national and international levels.

Aika press contact: ; +261 34 90 116 50

Photo de famille Aika
UNICEF Madagascar/2023/Razafindralambo
Assistance Aika
UNICEF Madagascar/2023/Razafindralambo
Certificat Aika
UNICEF Madagascar/2023/Razafindralambo

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