UNICEF began to intervene in Madagascar in 1984. Today, UNICEF works in 22 regions of the country through programs: Health, Nutrition, Wash, Education, Child protection, Emergencies and promoting children’s  participation and expression.


UNICEF provides support to maintain the national health system: immunization, maternal and child health, nutrition, malaria, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness.


UNICEF works in promoting good practices: exclusive breastfeeding, foods rich in Vitamin A and micronutrients.


UNICEF works in promoting good practices: handwashing with soap, use of latrines and access to drinking water. 


UNICEF works for the millions of children out of school because Children's Education concerns everyone.

Child Protection

UNICEF works to stop abuse and violence against children, sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes and child labor.

Advocacy and partnership

UNICEF works with partners, donors and journalists to ensure better promotion of children's rights.


UNICEF plays a lead role in disasater preparedness and response, and is helping communities to develop capacity to mitigate the impact of emergencies, and to act swiftly when disaster strikes.


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