Real lives

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'Real Lives' tells the stories of children in Madagascar whose lives have been touched by UNICEF, and gives you the chance to meet some of the people working to protect childrens' rights in Madagascar.




12ème édition de la Semaine de la Santé de la Mère et de l’Enfant : mobilisation, actions, appropriation


UNICEF Handwashing campaign improves children's lives at home and at school

Meet community health worker Bonespérance

Reaching children in remote southwest Madagascar

On World Humanitarian Day meet UNICEF Madagascar staff member, Hossein Madad

Malagasy youth represented at the High Level meeting on youth

Young Malagasy conservationists speak out

Participation and Expression

OneMinutesJr workshop - Videos

OneMinutesJr workshop - Day 5

OneMinutesJr workshop - Day 4

OneMinutesJr workshop - Day 3

OneMinutesJr workshop - Day 2

OneMinutesJr workshop - Day 1

International Women's Day: Hear from young Malagasy women as they prepare for the future

Manjo's story: Making the grade

Meet Dorlys: Close to home

Trahantsoa: A story that could have been different



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