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UNICEF is working to identify those children that are the most vulnerable to rights abuses and reach these children with vital interventions. Reinforcing social services for child protection and developing the capacity of institutions such as the police and judiciary to respond to cases of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation are essential components of UNICEF’s work in Madagascar.

The social impact of Madagascar’s political crisis has taken its toll on the population, leaving children increasingly vulnerable to neglect, abuse and exploitation, making UNICEF’s child protection work increasingly important.

UNICEF also supports community networks to identify and respond to acts of child abuse, sensitise community members and gather sufficient data to address issues of child rights, and advocate for social change.

At a national level UNICEF is working to ensure the reform and application of laws that protect the rights of children, in line with those enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of Children and regional conventions on child rights.





Partnerships for child rights


UNICEF has established partnerships with all three of Madagascar's telecommunications companies to create a free, confidential and annonymous hotline, with a single common number, for reporting child abuse.


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