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children help analyse problems with their school at contract for school success meeting
© UNICEF Madagascar/2010
Children participate in the community analysis of their primary school in the village of Antsakobe. The meeting is part of a Contracts for School Success initiative, in which communities themselves take charge of ensuring the quality of their schools.

Through the Contracts for School Success Programme, UNICEF Madagascar is engaging local community participation in improving primary school education. Through the scheme local communities - including students - assess their school’s needs and prioritise actions, drawing up a contract that encourages them to take an active role in school improvement.

Communities benefit from UNICEF support that in turn enables them to play a part in ensuring that their children’s right to quality education is met, and that child friendly school principles can be adopted. By involving communities and parents in school management and monitoring in this way, UNICEF aims bring about lasting improvements in the education sector through building capacity at a local level.

UNICEF also supports communities in establishing pre-schools for young children, working with partners to promote early childhood development initiatives. Among the very few children that are enrolled in pre-schools most are from more privileged families in urban areas. Allowing more children access to these early learning centres gives them the opportunity to prepare socially, emotionally and cognitively for the transition to first grade.



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