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Dzaomalaza: films for youth made with youth

© UNICEF Madagascar/2009
Set in arid southern Madagascar, the second film in the Dzaomalaza series highlights the issues facing young people in the region.

To broaden communication materials for young people, UNICEF Madagascar has produced the first two films in a series of three interactive films for adolescents. Following the travels of a young man called Dzaomalaza, the films are designed to encourage young people to reflect on what skills they need in today’s society, and discuss the challenges they face. The aim is to help them develop life skills and build the strength to advocate for change in their favour.

The films are premiered in Antananarivo to an audience of young people, followed by a live debate. They then tour the regions, showing in schools, youth centres and other venues targeting young people, and each event is followed by an audience debate.

The scripts for the Dzaomalaza films were developed with youth participation and recommendations. In 2009, Dzaomalaza and the Burnt Offering was launched followed by a tour of schools and youth clubs across Madagascar, and in July 2010, Dzaomalaza and the Blue Sapphire was launched.

Dzaomalaza et le Saphir Bleu: Guide de l'Animateur

Veuillez trouver le guide de discussion de Dzaomalaza et le Saphir Bleu afin de permettre aux jeunes d'animer des debats autours des thèmes sensibles touchant la jeunesses malgache



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