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hiv/aids information kiosk
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A community-built information centre in the eastern town of Brickaville, providing young people with access to support and information regarding sexual health issues.

UNICEF is enlarging a programme to provide adolescents and young people with spaces to meet and access information on sexual health issues.

In remote and inaccessible areas that have remained untouched by this initiative until now, information kiosks are being built with the involvement of the local community, using local materials.

Youth centres and kiosks form a focal point for community activities involving young people.

While the emphasis is on providing information on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, the youth centres and kiosks also form a focal point for community activities involving young people, including sporting and cultural events. The kiosks also provide information on other services including schools and health centres and provide access to child protection networks.

To reinforce the work of the information kiosks, UNICEF works with local communities, health centres and schools to help improve access to services including voluntary testing, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and counseling.



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