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Allo Fanantenana

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For help and support on issues related to sexual health and HIV/AIDS in Madagascar, call the Green Line - for free - on 033 07 001 23, 034 30 001 23 or 032 32 032 10.

"Allo Fanantenana," or Hello Hope, is a free telephone helpline for young people concerned about HIV/AIDS and sexual health problems.

Founded in 2006, the hotline is run by the Serasera Fanantenana Association, a group made up of just 10 young counsellors. Since 2009, UNICEF has been supporting the association, helping this group of young operators to provide a unique service that makes critical information on reproductive health available to young people across Madagascar.

The helpline is confidential, anonymous, independent and accessible in all of the country's 22 regions. With UNICEF’s support, Serasera Fanantenana has been able to increase the use of the helpline by advertising on radio and television, and by travelling regularly to parts of Madagascar where awareness of the hotline is low, visiting schools and communities to promote awareness of its existence and encouraging young people to use it.  





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Allo Fanantenana is advertised on TV across Madagascar.

Watch the video on UNICEF Madagascar's YouTube channel.


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