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Within a network of over 5,000 young peer educators in Madagascar, 1,800 have specific knowledge of HIV/AIDS and other sexual health issues - helping to pass this information on to thousands of young people across the country.

With UNICEF's support a network of over 3,000 young peer educators has been created across Madagascar. Trained in 'life-skills', and with specific knowledge of sexual health issues, these young people help plan activities, share information and advocate for the recognition of youth rights with, and among, their contemporaries

The prevalence of early sexual activity among young people in Madagascar makes young peer educators key actors in raising awareness of sexual health issues among adolescents.





What are 'life skills'?

All around the world, life skills-based education is being adopted as a means to empower young people in challenging situations. 

Find out more about 'life skills' and what they mean for you.


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