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In southern Madagascar, a health worker measures a girl's upper-arm: a preliminary way of screening children for malnutrition.

The Maternal and Child Survival and Development programme is the over-arching framework in which UNICEF Madagascar operates to reach vulnerable groups of society with essential health interventions. These interventions - including immunisations, nutritional supplementation, and water and sanitation activities - are delivered through family and community care, outreach strategies with mobile teams, and clinical care. UNICEF also distributes insecticide treated mosquito nets to protect against malaria as part of Madagascar's strategic plan for malaria elimiation.

A vital part of the programme are biannual Mother and Child Health weeks. These deliver low-cost, high-impact packages of internventions nationwide, focusing on reaching the most remote and isolated areas, and on reaching those children that risk being excluded from basic health services for whatever reason. As a result, the Mother and Child Health weeks have proved to be hugely successful in helping many of Madagascar's most vulnerable children and their mothers.



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