UNICEF believes that all children have the right to life, quality education, participation in economic and social progress, and to protection and good governance. UNICEF's country programme in Madagascar is working to ensure that these rights are fulfilled - giving children a better chance in life.

Health and Nutrition

Under five mortality has fallen in Madagascar in recent years, but UNICEF's work to help meet the basic health needs of the country's most vulnerable women and children remains critical.  


The education programme aims to improve access to quality learning for all children, enabling girls, disadvantaged children and those most excluded from society, to complete the basic education cycle.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

UNICEF plays a lead role in disasater preparedness and response, and is helping communities to develop capacity to mitigate the impact of emergencies, and to act swiftly when disaster strikes.

Child Protection

UNICEF's child protection programme is working to strengthen the capacity of local communities, civil society and national institutes to protect children against violence, exploitation and abuse.

Youth and HIV/AIDS

UNICEF works with youth to help create platforms for expression and participation in society. Young people are also key to sexual health initiatives, helping maintain a low HIV/AIDS prevalence rate.


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