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Life skills

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a monthly newspaper for in-school adolescents ages 15 to 19, directly addresses sexuality, feelings and values. It is produced by Straight Talk Foundation, a nongovernmental organization working to improve the mental, social and physical status of Ugandan adolescents and young adults. More than 140,000 copies of the newspaper are printed monthly and distributed to schools, community-based organizations, churches, and individuals. The newspaper triggered the development of school-based Straight Talk clubs where issues and informaton presented in the newspaper can be discussed. In 1998, Straight Talk Foundation started a new newspaper, Young Talk, for young adolescents in upper primary school. Young Talk's key topics include changes at puberty, child's rights and responsibilities, health and hygiene. To reach a wider audience, the Straight Talk Foundation launched a weekly English radio programme in 1999, to address adolescent reproductive health and gender issues. (Adapted from: Reproductive Health Outlook) . For more info, visit http://www.straight-talk.or.ug/.



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