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Expression of Interest-2015

UNICEF Liberia is reviewing its supplier database used to invite bids. Interested suppliers/contractors, either manufacturers or wholesalers must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete and sign a Supplier Profile Form
  • Submit certificate of incorporation as business concern duly registered to  conduct business in Liberia
  • Demonstrate that the company has a minimum of two year’s experience in the concerned business area.
  • Prove that it holds valid TAX/VAT registration certificate
  • Evidence of warehousing facilities where applicable,
  • Provide audited financial company accounts for two successive years.
  • Prepared to accept UNICEF’s General Terms and Conditions
  • Provide at least two references of customers procuring similar products/services (name and contact number)   

 Deadline for return of documents

Duly completed supplier profile form together with all relevant supporting documents sealed in an envelope marked  EXPERESSION OF INTEREST FOR SUPPLIER FOR UNICEF must  be received in UNICEF at the address mentioned above no later than 26 March 2015. (DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT AT BELOW LINK)





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