UNICEF Education call for expression of interest

Open selection of CSOs

A smiling child holding a book.
UNICEF/Lebanon 2013/David Brunetti

“UNICEF Lebanon’s Education Programme" is planned in synergy with the overall intersectoral vision which supports the progressive realization of child rights through key sectors and is strongly linked to Lebanon’s National Priorities for Education, mainly articulated in the RACE II Plan (Reaching All Children with Education 2017-2021). The Education programme advocates for the right to access quality education in protected environments for all children. The programme also specially focuses on furthering the agenda of inclusive education for the most vulnerable children in Lebanon.

Against the first Pillar of RACE to address access, the international community, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), has been extending access to education to all children aged 3 to 18. This pillar addresses all children regardless of status or nationality, seeking to increase enrolment in formal and non-formal learning.

To contribute to achieving this, the UNICEF education programme will focus on the following key components and areas;

1.Community- Based Early Childhood Education (including Psychosocial support (PSS) and Life skills)

2.Basic Literacy & Numeracy (BLN)/ Adapted BLN (including PSS and Life skills)

3.Outreach and monitoring (to identify vulnerable pockets and out of school children including selection criteria and community influencers)

4.Inclusion of the most marginalized groups of children (Note that this is not a standalone project, however it is a concept to integrate in various programme responses ensuring all children specially the most vulnerable are reached)

5.Reaching school programme (Cash registration and transportation to access public schools and non-formal education centers)

6. Retention Support

7. Integrated programming (while this is not a standalone project, the brief elaborates how education programmes can address various child deprivations and realize child rights through integrating with various sectors of health, child protection, youth and social assistance).

Within these frameworks, the Education Programme is launching an open Call for Expression of Interest to select partners for the provision of the above mentioned activities in 2020. The guidance contained in this Call is for International and National Civil Society Organizations that wish to partner with UNICEF on this portfolio starting January 2020 for a period of 12 months (subject to funding availability).

Participation in this Call for Expression of Interest does not guarantee ultimate selection for partnership with UNICEF. Selected partners will be invited to adjust and further develop with UNICEF the full Programme Documents (PDs) in accordance with the applicable policy and procedures for UNICEF partnership with CSOs and depending on funding availability and existing gaps. Any requests for clarifications or additional information should be processed by applicants within the UN Partners Portal before the request for clarification deadline.


Deadline 4 October 2019