13 March 2013

Adnan – at four years old, one of the children at the heart of the Syrian crisis

Four-year-old Adnan will never forget the two minutes when his entire world was turned upside down. The flames destroying his home in the Syrian Arab Republic also ruined his childhood. He escaped two months ago with his family and found shelter in north Lebanon, where they live in abject poverty. While his siblings are slowly getting over their…, Scared of everything, With a look of exhaustion, despair and profound sadness, Adnan’s mother describes how he is psychologically affected in his everyday life by the shock he underwent. He cries all night and is scared of everything, feeling hopeless when his parents leave him for just one second, she explains. Anytime someone outside the family approaches him, he…, “This is their lot!”, Despite the proximity to their country – a mere 3 km – Adnan’s parents and siblings feel much safer here. But Adnan is not settling and still feels endangered. Sheltering in a makeshift tent pitched in a sea of mud and rubbish – the only playing area for children – the family are living in extremely tough conditions, which exacerbates Adnan’s…, Children at the heart of the crisis, Children are at the heart of this crisis and the first to be psychologically affected by the terrible violence they witness. Bombs, rockets, bullets, shelling – children have not been spared from any of it. Because his parents cannot afford it, Adnan is not following any treatment to recover from his physical injuries. Like many refugees, the…, Help to overcome trauma, According to the United Nations agency for refugees (UNHCR), to date, there are 332,297 Syrian refugees registered or waiting to be registered, and seeking shelter in Lebanon – 52 per cent are children. However, many reports – including government accounts – emphasize much higher figures. To support refugee children from the Syrian Arab Republic,…, Syria_2yr_Report.pdf Download the two-year report Syria’s Children,