Aisha’s Story: Six weeks after the Beirut explosion UNICEF listens; helping rebuild shattered lives

For every family in Beirut on August 4, there is a story. For those on the explosion’s front line, these stories are often delivered in parallel with tales of desperation, of need, yet sometimes of hope

Simon Balsom
Aisha Shahid Shahin one of the karantina resident
22 September 2020

Aisha Shahid Shahin has a degree in law and psychology, she is also a mother. At home in Karantina when the explosion occurred, today she’s angry. “And I’m becoming angrier. Angier because I am seeing my daughters aren’t how I want them to be”

“Before the explosion they only had essential needs, now they need extra reassurance of safety and stability - they’re scared. Now, while my daughters sleep, they get nightmares. One dreamt that I was killed, anther saw airstrikes and bombing in her sleep. But how can I give them safety if I myself don’t feel safe?

“I want my children to live a decent, stable life and to be assured of getting their rights. For children these are simple but essential - they important rights like education and health.

“We are a people who love safety and love life. We hoped this country would look after us and protect us - protect us from the evil in this world. Now all I can do is wish peace for the people of Lebanon, and for ourselves”.