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المسح العنقودي متعددالمؤشرات الدورة الثالث ـ لبنان 2009 - MICS 3 Multiple-Indicators Cluster Survey

ا لمسح العنقودي متعددالمؤشرات ٢٠١١- MICS 4 (Palestinian) - Multiple-Indicators Cluster Survey 4


Author: UNICEF Lebanon in cooperation with the Central Administration of Statistics

Author: UNICEF Lebanon in cooperation with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and Natural Resources

No. of pages: 281

No. of pages: 264

Date of Publication: 2011

Date of Publication: 2012

Publisher: UNICEF Lebanon

Publisher: UNICEF Lebanon

Languages: Arabic

Languages: Arabic

Description: The third round of Multiple-Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS 3) provides a monitoring tool That collects several indicators on education, employment, child labour, child development, disability, water and sanitation facilities, child mortality and health in Lebanon.                                                                                      

Description: This fourth round of Multiple-Indicators Cluster Survey for Palestinian children and women in Lebanon (MICS 4) provides a monitoring tool collecting detailed data for the health, environmental, educational and demographical aspects of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

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