UNICEF oxygen scale-up strategy operationalization in Lebanon

Rapid Oxygen Assessment: Analyzing hospital oxygen supply gaps in Lebanon

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The Rapid Oxygen Assessment Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the oxygen situation in selected governmental hospitals in Lebanon, identifying critical gaps in the oxygen supply chain and equipment. This report aims to inform the development of the Oxygen Road Map Recommendations for the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, with a focus on quantitative analysis, emphasizing supply chain and equipment/plants analysis.

The primary objective of the Oxygen Rapid Assessment is to advance the recommendations made in the oxygen generation roadmap by facilitating the creation of policies, strategies, and guidelines for their implementation. Additionally, the assessment aims to provide technical support for personnel involved in the operations and maintenance of oxygen generation equipment.

To support the necessary consultative meetings and data gathering, UNICEF coordinated with authorities and relevant stakeholders. THINK GLOBAL was tasked with performing a gap analysis and a rapid assessment of the oxygen ecosystem in a subset of selected governmental hospitals using the UNICEF-Oxygen System Planning Tool.

Objective: The goal is to analyze the oxygen situation in selected governmental hospitals in Lebanon, identifying gaps and providing actionable recommendations for policy and strategy development.

Methodology: The assessment included hospital site visits by technical personnel, who systematically applied the UNICEF Oxygen Assessment Tool and conducted physical inspections.

Data Collection: Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) were held with health facilities’ staff, including medical and non-medical personnel, management, coordination, and technical maintenance teams.

Focus Areas: The activities primarily concentrated on evaluating the operational status and maintenance capacity of the oxygen systems in the assessed hospitals.

Outcome: The findings will inform the development of the Oxygen Road Map Recommendations, aimed at improving the oxygen supply chain and equipment maintenance, ultimately enhancing healthcare delivery in Lebanon's governmental hospitals.

This report is a crucial step toward ensuring a reliable oxygen supply in Lebanese hospitals, contributing to better healthcare outcomes for the population.

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