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Children gathering in the playground of their school.
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Progress: Lebanon on track to meet key targets

Lebanon is on track to meet key targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This is particularly so for goals relating to children and women including hunger, child mortality, universal primary education, gender parity in education and achievements related to maternal health. 

However, progress is not uniform and socio-economic gaps are widening across the population. Lebanon is a country of pronounced inequities despite its upper-middle income status. Significant and increasing regional disparities include poverty and unemployment and translate into differences in childhood development indicators in health, education, protection and water and sanitation (WASH). 

Disadvantaged and marginalized children as a result of social exclusion include:

  •  Refugee children (including Palestine refugees)

  • Children from groups marginalized on ethnic grounds including children of migrant workers and the Dom communities ( The Dom community is an ethnic minority group who lives in many countries of the Middle East, suffering from strong discrimination and living in extreme poverty with a very limited access to education). 



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