Qab Elias - Wadi El Delm Municipality in Partnership with UNICEF Sets a Strategy for a Bright Future for Children

An opportunity to develop strategic plan that addresses children's issues in a scientific and systematic approach.

01 August 2019
Mayor of Qab Elias Wadi el Delm, Mr. Jihad al-Moallem

Beirut, August 1, 2019 – Stemming from its mission to create a favorable environment for children and improve their living conditions on all levels, UNICEF, in partnership with the municipality of Qab Elias-Wadi El-Dalm, organized a stakeholder workshop titled "Developing a strategy for a bright future for children" at the Kadri Hotel in Zahle on Thursday, August 1st. The workshop was attended by the Mayor of Qab Elias Wadi El Delm Mr. Jihad Al-Moallem, UNICEF Senior program manager, Mr. Mohamed  Fayazi, UNICEF Chief Field Office in Bekaa and Baalbeck el Hermel. Mr. Utpal Moitra, and a number of stakeholders from Qab Elais – Wadi El Delm representing the different sectors including education, health, youth, civil society, the Mukhtar and the private sector.

Mr. Moitra opened the workshop with a welcome note saying: “UNICEF is celebrating this year, 30 years  of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and this is as an opportunity to remind putting children and young people at the heart of the global and national agendas" he added on the importance of this workshop saying: “UNICEF and Qab Elias municipality is working together to address a number of children’s issues in the Municipality. The workshop is an opportunity to further strengthen our commitment to address children’s rights and identify additional areas of collaboration”.

On his part, the Mayor of Qab Elias delivered a speech commending UNICEF's role in promoting the lives of children in Qab Elias by supporting many projects and activities across various sectors, and he added saying: “The town of Qab Elias Wadi al-Delm is widespread and has many challenges that hinder the development and advancement of all segments of society, especially children and youth. In addition, the Syrian crisis has created big challenges to the town, which have placed many burdens on the community. Therefore, UNICEF's support was and is still a pressing need for all the inhabitants who come from diverse backgrounds."

Following the speeches, UNICEF’s Local Governance Specialist Mr. Fadi El Hajjar, conducted the workshop, devising a framework for the groups that represent the various sectors. Each group analyzed the reality of children in Qab Elias and developed appropriate solutions to existing challenges. The workshop concluded with a strategic plan that addresses children's issues in a scientific and systematic approach.

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