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Palestinian children during Back to School kits Distribution event in Shatila camp, Southern Beirut.
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Palestinian children during Back To School Kits Distribution event in Shatila Camp, Southern Beirut.

Our objective: ensuring the right to education 

The program seeks to ensure that children's right to education is recognized and fulfilled. It contributes to the reduction of UNRWA school drop-out rates in the primary cycle. It also works on supporting UNRWA to address basic education issues, early childhood development and a better parenting initiative.


 What do we do? 

Our activities include:

  • The "Back to School" initiative: A joint initiative with UNRWA that seeks to ensure equity among students of all UNRWA schools and hopefully alleviate the already very heavy financial burden on Palestinian families by giving every student bags and school stationary items.     
  • Remedial education:  UNICEF supports the recruitment of learning support advisors in all UNRWA schools and the development of educational material for remedial classes. In addition, 30 “group tutoring classes” were established at UNICEF-supported youth clubs in 8 camps and 2 safe-play areas benefiting more than 300 UNRWA students at risk of failing from the grades not covered by UNRWA’s remedial education program.

        Our Summer Learning Program:

  •  UNICEF supports the implementation of New Entrants Gap Camps during summer in 48 UNRWA schools.  The aim of the Gap Camp is to facilitate the introduction of Grade 1 students into the school environment before the start of the new academic year and to help children make the transition to Grade 1 smoothly through extracurricular activities.
  • UNICEF also supports the Capacity building and training of Palestinian partners on education-related issues.


·      UNICEF Supports UNRWA in the finalization of a unified preschool curriculum to be implemented in all the preschools in Palestinian camps in Lebanon.




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