World Immunization Week marks 40 years of collaborative efforts to make routine vaccination available and free to all Lao PDR children

25 April 2022

To end preventable diseases, the Government launched National Expanded Programme on Immunization in 1982. We applaud the Government of Lao PDR for turning the political will into the action to save the children lives and raising the healthy nation. In the past, Lao PDR has faced the brunt of diseases such as Smallpox, Polio, Measles and Rubella. Thanks to the leadership, commitment and cooperation of the Government and partners, the National Expanded Programme has successfully eradicated Polio.

UNICEF thanks all the partners, who united their forces to vaccinate every child in Lao PDR. To date, with support from development partners such GAVI – the Vaccine Alliance, Japan Committee for Vaccine, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Korea International Cooperation Agency, Lao Lux-Development, Save the Children Australia, Swiss Red Cross, The United States Agency for International Development, the Government of Lao PDR provides routine vaccination to all children free of cost.

We also want to deliver our heartfelt appreciation to all health workers in Lao PDR who go the extra mile to deliver and provide vaccinations to every child across the country, from north to south, all the way from a bustling city to a quiet rural village.

UNICEF thanks the People of Lao PDR. This is a ‘Thank you’ letter to you, because if you’ve ever been vaccinated, or have had your children vaccinated, then you are part of the chain of linked arms that keeps every child and every one of us safe. You are the living proof of what humanity can do through dedication, cooperation and love. So from all of us here at UNICEF, and from every child who is alive because of vaccines, thank you.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Let’s secure a #LongLifeForAll

Thank you