Assessment of the Child Protection system in Lao PDR

Final Report



The Assessment of the Child Protection System in Lao PDR was conducted by Child Frontiers for the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, in collaboration with the members of the Committee of the Protection and Assistance of Children (CPAC) with support from UNICEF.

This assessment report presents detailed findings on the functioning and effectiveness of existing components of the child protection system in Lao PDR and the experiences of children and families in contact with the system. This is crucial for expanding the knowledge

and understanding of the current child protection system and identifying capacity caps and workforce development needs. The assessment methodology adopted elements of action research as well as traditional research strategies, utilising both quantitative and qualitative tools for collecting information, including data collection at the national level and sub-national levels, including in Xienkhouang and Attapeu Provinces.

This initiative represents an important milestone towards achieving the goals of the Strategic Plan for Social Welfare Development 2011-2020 and is designed to contribute to an ambitious programme led by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MOLSW) to articulate a vision for a child protection system that is based on the Lao context, resources and national aspirations.

The preliminary findings were presented for review and validation to the National Working Committee established for the system visioning process chaired by MOLSW and comprised of national child protection actors including representatives from the National Commission for the Advancement of Women, Mothers – Children, Lao Women’s Union, Office of the People’s Supreme Prosecutor, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Education and Sports,  Ministry of Home Affairs, Lao Youth Union and the Office of the Prime Minister. Development partners and civil society representatives from Save the Children, Plan International, World Vision, Friends International, ChildFund and other agencies have also provided valuable input to prelimary versions of this report.

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Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, UNICEF Laos
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