Expressions Of Interest (EOI) for Develop a series of videos for visibility

Closing date: 26 July 2019


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Vientiane, Lao PDR is seeking Expressions of Interest from the qualified companies to provide the consultancy services for the develop a series of videos for donor visibility. The assignment is expected to begin by September 2019 and must be completed by December 2019.

Key tasks and deliverables under this assignment include:

Key tasks:
a) Preparatory work
- Liaise with UNICEF Communications team and programs to understand the scope of work and timelines.
- Review background materials provided by UNICEF.
- Develop detailed work plan indicating activities with a specific timeline to complete all work assignments.
b) Development of the videos
- Develop the concept and storyboards with UNICEF.
- Arrange filming mission for around 10-15 days including all necessary permissions from national, regional, and district levels.
- Editing including 3 rounds of changes and delivering the final cut.


  1. Finalized Work Plan (5 working days / 1 week)
    A detailed work plan will be developed, finalized and delivered to UNICEF. The work plan includes, but it is not limited to: 1) confirmation on the scope of work including purposes and objectives. 2) detailed descriptions of each task with specific timeline based on work assignments and deliverables mentioned in this TOR (with the adjustments proposed).
  2. Pre-production plan + Video scripts development (3 Weeks)
    Pre-production plan to be prepared by the selected agency and scripts to be developed in close collaboration with UNICEF.
  3. Filming Mission (10 working days / 2 weeks – this is tentative and will have to be discussed with the agency)
    A filming mission will be organized for around 10-15 working days to gather footage and interviews. A pre- visit may be required.
  4. Final Videos and additional assets (20 working days / 6 weeks)
    Final versions of videos will be made available after 3 rounds of changes for the following items:
  • UNJP – 1 x 3-5-minute short film plus 3 x sm teasers
  • CRC30 – 3 x 1-2-minute videos
  • NIPN – 3 x 1-2-minute video/animations
  • Immunization – 2 x 3-5 min video
  • PIN – 2 x 1-2-minute videos

- Incorporate additional assets such as short form video (Instagram, trailer clips, etc.) to highlight the main piece for promotion issues.
- Provide Shortlist, interview transcripts, master files, mixed track master, B-Roll, and final script as required.

Education, Qualifications and Experience Required:
The company should have internal expertise in the following:

Knowledge, Skills and Experience
- Proven experience of developing multi-media videos adopting a human-rights based approach.
- At least 5-year work experience in videography and editing using software such as Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro and After Effects.
- Proven ability to apply innovative, creative processes to story development, to produce simple, relevant, and engaging videos.
- Proven ability to take a different creative process, yet products are relevant, simple and interesting.
- Previous work experience with the UN or other development partners is an advantage.
- Fluency in oral and written communication in Lao, and English (working level).

- Ability to work closely and in a collaborative manner with other contractors and partners.
- Ability to deliver results amid tight deadlines.
- Excellent planning, organizational and coordination skills.

At this stage, UNICEF is requesting confirmations of interest, along with the following information, to review and select potential companies for the upcoming bidding process. If you wish to participate in the planned solicitation, please provide the following:

  1. Brief company profile.
  2. Brief description on your area of expertise related to Develop a series of videos for donor visibility. As part of this, please list specific services that your company offers and based on the assignments listed above. (maximum 2 pages)
  3. Details of clients and projects worked on, including experience working with national counterparts, non-profit organizations/ UN agencies/ other international organizations & multinationals.
  4. Sample of works from previous projects.

If you wish to participate in the planned solicitation, please kindly respond by email or mail (subject reference: UNICEF Supply Unit) to and copy to or at UNICEF, P.O. Box 1080, Vientiane, Lao PDR, no later than 26 July 2019.

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