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LACVOX Red Regional de Adolescentes Comunicadores, América Latina y el Caribe


I found me... thorugh the eyes of an adolescent


Part two


By: Alexis

Youth Media Guyana


As a child I worry about my future. I want to do better in school, to get high marks at my examinations so that I can get a good job when I grow up. I want to become a doctor or a teacher so I can help others, but sometime I think it can be so hard to get what you want.

Some of the problems I see in my community are violence and unemployment. Also a lot of girls are getting babies at an early age.
After school some boys like to be in groups and if they have a problem with another boy, they would wait for him after school so they can fight. I don't think that is safe because one of them can get hurt or die. They use sharp objects like scissors, icepick or broken glass bottles to hurt each other. Why do boys always like to fight.

I think children should be more involved in sports, cultural events and concerts. We have a lot of talent too. We can sing, dance, do poetry, play instruments and many more things. We should also have more opportunities in sports to reach the highest level. One day I would like to see more Guyanese participating in the Olympics.

Another area is that a lot of children get sick and have to go to other countries to get better. I would like them to get the best treatment right here in Guyana so they don't have to go far away or raise a lot of money for the treatment. Sometimes they have go on television with their parents asking people to give money. That is very sad.
Guyana is a nice place to live and children get to go to school and play, but I think people need to listen to us some

more and hear what we have to say. I have a big family and lots of friends and I like going to school, but I think our school needs to be bigger, have better furniture and nice room for our teachers to be comfortable. That would make me happy.


Alexis - 10 years


UNICEF for Latin America and the Caribbean, promotes the LACVOX regional network of networks for adolescent communicators. It encourages adolescent participation within the region as a right stipulated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The network promotes the strengthening of the capabilities and knowledge of its children and adolescent members.









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