Social Policy Mapping for Children

in the Eastern Caribbean











About this CD-ROM





This CD-ROM aims at strengthening the knowledge, understanding and responsiveness of the UNICEF office for the Eastern Caribbean and its key partners in developing and advocating for child-focused social policy interventions by means of the development of a social policy database.




One can search documents trough the overview page, by area of social policy intervention or by subject intervention area.


For the international, regional, subregional and national levels, this CD-ROM includes:

  1. Planning documents: documents which analyze certain socio-economical problem areas and formulate recommendations or concrete action plans to deal with them.
  2. Legal and human rights documents: existing and model legislation and their reporting focusing on the different child-related development and protection areas.
  3. Financial documents: budgeting reports, financing statements as well as child or gender budgeting exercises.
  4. Implementation and monitoring documents: reports or publications documenting experiences in delivering social services, technical cooperation, networking, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation in the key child-related social development areas.


It also refers to the key subject intervention areas of UNICEF in the Eastern Caribbean region which are: general social policy and social protection issues, child protection, HIV/AIDS, youth, early childhood development and emergency preparedness.


Some considerations


  • The documents are organized following different focus areas, but sometimes they can overlap or could be considered part of another area. Also the nature of documents may differ as they come from different sources;
  • Selection of documents is made because of their availability on electronic format, and not necessarily by importance;
  • Commentaries represent the personal views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect UNICEF positions. The purpose of this CD-ROM is to share and promote social policy in the Eastern Caribbean region;
  • The documents in black (without link) are not yet available on electronic format, but may be in future updated versions of this CD-ROM;
  • The documents on this CD-ROM were collected during the period January-April 2007. Updated versions of this CD-ROM may become available in the future.


You can participate!


Proposals of new documents, studies or reports to be included in future versions of this CD-ROM are most welcome and can be sent to:









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