Niños y niñas en América Latina y el Caribe: Panorama 2016

Children in Latin America and the Caribbean - Overview 2016

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Investing in Adolescents

Adolescence is one of the most complex and fascinating stages of human life, characterized as a period of change, vulnerability and opportunity.  Classic interventions aimed at the adolescent recognise this and focus in particular on the significant physical and emotional changes that the young person goes through as they begin to move towards independence and autonomy.  They factor in the adolescent questioning of their identity, their desire to establish relationships outside the family environment, and their striving to understand and experience their sexuality, as they prepare themselves for the labour market.

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For many adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean, a supportive family, a circle of friends and other protective networks help them deal with this transition phase, making adolescence a learning stage of positive experiences, personal growth and intellectual and emotional development. However, for a large percentage of the region’s adolescent population, the situation is different, as they face the challenges of this transition stage without these supportive networks, and in many cases, their situation is exacerbated by the deficiencies and disadvantages arising from poverty and exclusion.

Investing in their lives allow them to develop their potential, create the opportunities they need and allow them to thrive.


Desafíos 4: Maternidad adolescente en América Latina y el Caribe. Tendencias, problemas y desafíos

Challenges 4: Teenage Motherhood in Latin America and the Caribbean. Trends, Problems and Challenges

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Argumentos y herramientas para contribuir a la inversión social a favor de los adolescentes de América Latina y el Caribe

Advocacy Tools and Arguments for Social Development in Adolescents

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