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Consultancy - Disaster Risk Reduction Advocacy Specialist




The purpose of this specific consultancy is to support the UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office Emergency Unit in the implementation of the Multi-sectorial strategy on DRR for children, with a specific focus on supporting increasing efforts on advocacy and high level communication on multi-sector DRR for children building synergies between cooperation agencies present in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region, and the development of an Actionable Framework for UNICEF Country Offices (COs) on multi-sector DRR.  

The UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office Emergency Unit works throughout the year to ensure appropriate technical support, quality assurance and oversight to COs emergency preparedness and response and Disaster Risk Reduction programmes, and ensure strategic representation of key issues at regional level.

UNICEF DRR strategy is focusing on a multi-sector vision to ensure that programmatic action addresses relevant sectors to reduce disaster risks to children. The TACRO Emergency Unit is engaging in defining the key sectors of actions for DRR for children in the LAC region on the basis of evidence-based research (Study on “Disaster Impact on Children in LAC”), developing DRR guidance and material/tools for key sectors (Education, WASH, Nutrition, etc.), and compiling ‘Best Practices’ for each sector to serve as model to be replicated at regional level.

Since 2007, UNICEF in LAC has been increasingly involved in supporting governments to set-up multi-sector “National Platforms” coordination mechanisms for DRR Education, WASH, Protection (on the “Cluster”-like model), supported capacity building on emergency and DRR with national and decentralized authorities, and more recently engaged in advocacy at regional and country levels to build awareness on multi-sector humanitarian action with a focus on children (based on the UNICEF “Core Commitments for Children” in Humanitarian Action, WASH, Protection, Education, Nutrition, and Health). The recent advocacy strategy has proven successful, with the development of a national protocol for children in humanitarian situation (e.g. Brazil) and capacity building of national authorities on humanitarian/DRR action for children in a multi-sector approach (e.g. Bolivia, Belize, others).

This consultancy is meant to support the high level advocacy segment of the UNICEF “Multi-sectorial strategy on DRR for children”. The consultant’s role will be to support the scaling-up of the high level advocacy strategy in view of ensuring awareness of multi-sector DRR for children and encourage political commitments and action, support the development of strategic partnerships and inter-agency synergies, and support bilateral advocacy and communication in high level conferences.


Objectives of Consultancy

The overall objective of the assignment is to support the high level advocacy segment of the UNICEF “Multi-sectorial strategy on DRR for children”. Specific targets will be:

·         To support activities related to inter-agency coordination and advocacy on DRR for Children through the Steering Committee for “Children’s Charter for DRR”

·         To support the development of an Actionable toolkit for UNICEF Country Offices to implement the Multi-sector DRR strategy for children; activities related to the development of strategic partnerships on DRR for Children with inter-governmental/regional bodies to encourage South-South horizontal cooperation on DRR for Children; and support the development and  implementation of an advocacy/communication strategy and visibility material especially in view of the regional Platform for DRR conference in October 2012, and the Global Platform for DRR in May 2013.

Overview – Process and Methodology

The consultant will provide the following products/results:

1)    Inter-Agency Plan of Action on DRR for Children, developed within the framework of the “Steering Committee for the Children’s Charter for DRR” inter-agency group, including capacity building support activities to specific focal countries (to be defined).

2)    Action toolkit for UNICEF Country Offices to implement the Multi-sector DRR strategy for children, and a “toolkit” including all relevant policies/ guidance/best practices/tools for multi-sector DRR.

3)    Fact sheet on the adaptation of UNICEF CCCs to national norms, and presentations to regional partners.

4)    Development of a DRR National Capacity Development strategy and/or Partnership Document for advocacy on DRR for children with at least three regional inter-governmental body (to be defined), in cooperation with partners.

5)    Advocacy and communication strategy on the Children’s Charter included related communication material (interactive presentations, visibility material, key messages, etc.) developed in cooperation with the Steering Committee for the Children’s Charter for DRR partners and inter-governmental bodies, in view of the Regional DRR Platform 2012 and Global DRR Platforms 2013 conferences.


 Date  Product
October 2012  First report
Noviembre 2012   Montly report
December 2012   Montly report
January 2013   Montly report
February 2013   Montly report
March 2013   Montly report
April 2013   Final report



Mandatory experience:

·         At least 5 years of experience in the DRR field (or connected areas)

·         Very good knowledge of international DRR strategies (HFA)

·         Very good knowledge of DRR actors at international and at regional (LAC) level including UN and INGOs

·         Good knowledge of typical national level DRR mechanisms in the LAC countries

·         Experience in high level advocacy, and strategy development

·         Experience in DRR international conferences politics and mechanisms

·         Previous experience with UNICEF or the UN system in DRR or emergency preparedness/response

Mandatory skills:

·         Ability to understand multi-sector programs

·         Good capacity for analysis and synthesis, and to develop clear and well organized documentation

·         Capacity to develop ‘friendly’ communication material  (eg. power points)

·         Ability to work independently and in constant communication with the emergency team and strategic inter-agency partners in the region.


·         Master’s degree in Disaster Risk Management, International cooperation, Humanitarian issues or related areas


·         Mandatory fluency required oral and written in: English and Spanish

·         Good understanding of other UN (French) language will be considered an added value.


Please write a short proposal and include your availability, total number of days required for completion of the above terms of reference (please refer to deliverables), as well as budget. Applications submitted without a short proposal and total number of days needed for undertaking the consultancy as well as budget will not be considered.  Please be advised that we would like the results of this consultancy to be delivered in the shortest possible time.


The consultant could work from his/her home. In case travels are required in the region it will be covered by the emergency unit and the cost is not part of this contract. 


Budget must be proposed. Application must include Personal History Form - P11 (form attached). Send your application to panamarecruit@unicef.org  


August 8th, 2012.



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