Niños y niñas en América Latina y el Caribe: Panorama 2016

Children in Latin America and the Caribbean - Overview 2016

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Documentos de interés sobre desarrollo adolescente

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  Bolivia - Student Lodging with Families [Español] [English]
Brazil - Strategy for the Reduction of Maternal Perinatal and Infant Morbility and Mortality [Español] [English]

Guatemala - Drugs and Mara Prevention in Marginal Rural and Urban Areas [Español] [English] 

Argentina - Support System por Protected Adolescents [Español] [English]

Belize -  The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment Project [Español] [English]

Colombia -  The Hermes Programme for Conflict Management at School [Español] [English]


UNICEF/LAC Core Indicator for MICS24 (and Beyond) with Rationale and Sample Module [English]

UNICEF Latin America/Caribbean Well-Being Indicator [English]

Declaration of El Salvador: XVIII Ibero-American Summit [Español]

Declaration of Medellin: Youth and Democratic Values [English]

Declaration of Georgetown 2008: Commitment to Buiding a Region Fit for Children [English]

Declaration of Paramaibo 2010: Future of Youth in the Caribbean Community [English]

Advocacy Tools and Argumens for Social Investment in Adolescentes [Español] [English]

We've Got Something to Say. A Facilitator's Manual [English]

Child Friendly School Manual [Español] [English]

Physical Activity Evaluation Handbook [English]

Secondary Education in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Challenge of Growth and Reform [English]

Strenghthening Health and Family Life Education in the Region [English]

The Future of the Education in Latin America and the Caribbean [English]

Reforming Primary and Secondary Education in Latin America and the Caribbean. An IDB Strategy [English]

Joyce L. Epstein's Framework of Six Types of Involvement [English]

Basis for Debate on Child Participation in a Local Context [English]

Devastated Childhood [English]

National Accounts of Well-being: Bringing Real Wealth onto the Balance Sheet [English]

Jamaican Youth Risk and Resiliency Behavior Survey 2006 [English]

Regional Caribbean Conference on Keeping Boys Out of Risk: Conference Proceedings [English]

Sub-Regional Conference on "Culture of Peace y Prevention of Child Violence: Centro America, Mexico, Dominican Republic": Conclusions and Agreements [Español]

Emphasizing Prevention in Citizen Security. The Inter-American Development Bank's Contribution to Reducing Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean [English]

The Evolving Capacities of the Child [Español] [English]

The Inter-American Development Bank's and Job Creation in the Americas [English]

Role of the Family in the Promotion of the Rights of the Child [English]



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