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What are you doing for peace?

For each year’s International Day of Peace, the UN is reaching out to local schools, youth groups, organizations and local media to find out about ongoing peace projects.

To post your stories, photos and video clips, please go to the UN International Day of Peace Facebook page at www.facebook.com/unpeaceday

Taking the lead is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, answering the question “What are YOU doing for peace?”

What does the UN Secretary-General do for Peace?

“As Secretary-General of the United Nations, peace is my main job. 

Peace doesn’t just happen – it must be nurtured, maintained and defended.

I work for peace in many different ways:

I mediate between antagonists, urging them to resolve their differences peacefully;
I promote tolerance and harmonious relations among countries and peoples;
I campaign to stem the tide of deadly disease;
and I press for the elimination of extreme poverty, and for a natural environment that can sustain not only this generation, but those to come.

There are many tools in the peacemaker’s kit – diplomacy and human rights; development and disarmament; peacekeeping and peacebuilding – and I use them every single day.

And each year on the International Day of Peace, I ring the Peace Bell at UN Headquarters, sending a message that I hope resounds throughout the world."


Sourde: United Nations



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