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World Youth Conference 2010 Mexico

I. Place and Date

The World Youth Conference (WYC 2010) will be held in Mexico City from August 24 to 27, 2010.


II. Background

In 2010, Mexico will celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of its independence and the hundredth anniversary of the Revolution that established the bases of modern Mexico. It will be a year of celebrations but also of reflection on the country's past, present and future.


Within this context, Mexico acknowledges its youth as one of its main creative and productive forces, whose ideals and aspirations underpin the consolidation of Mexico as a prosperous, fair, equitable and democratic nation.


Mexico realizes that the development of the world nations depend largely on the opportunities provided for the youth, and in the building of their skills, in order for them to use them in a timely, appropriate fashion.


Today's generations of young people are the most numerous in history. They are both the most educated and those that enjoy the best levels of health. They are also generations which, once they reach adulthood, will have fewer children under their care than their predecessors which, with the right policies, could boost economic growth, by increasing the proportion of economic growth and of the working population, reducing the rate of demographic dependence and increasing household savings. All nations, regardless of their level of wealth, should take advantage of this opportunity before it is lost by the ageing of society. Otherwise, the goals of development and poverty reduction could be seriously hampered.


Five years before the deadline set by the international community to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Mexico is organizing the World Youth Conference 2010 (WYC 2010) as a forum for discussion and reflection on the role of youth in achieving the MDGs and the new development agenda that will be set in 2015. Viewing the MDGs with a youth approach is essential not only for achieving the goals aimed for 2015 but also for ensuring that efforts are long lasting and progressive in the long term.


III. Objectives

The Conference will be a meeting point for representatives of governments and civil society organizations designed to identify priorities of action for youth to be dealt with on the international development agenda beyond the Millennium Goals. This forum will strengthen cooperation links between countries and stakeholders involved with youth policies.

In keeping with this aim, the Conference seeks to achieve the following objectives:


1. Achieve a declaration by consensus by governments identifying key actions for youth and development policies to be presented at the 65 United Nations General Assembly.

2. Promote the establishment of a mechanism that will provide specific follow-up for the youth agenda in the United Nations System.

3. Encourage dialogue between civil society organizations and governments on youth and development policies to better understand the priorities and needs of world youth.

4. Share experiences and knowledge of youth and development diagnoses, policies, strategies and programs.


IV. Characteristics


Prior to the WYC 2010, a series of regional preconferences are to be held to record the experience of the world’s major regions and facilitate the establishment of consensuses and recommendations during WYC 2010. Representatives of organized civil society will participate in the official delegations. The programs, dates and venues of the preconferences will be defined at the Conference's International Committee, to be established shortly, on the basis of the conceptual framework of the Millennium Development Goals, with particular emphasis on youth. The WYC 2010 Declaration Project will be reviewed at each of the preconferences with a view to achieving consensus.



WYC 2010 will be a meeting point for representatives of governments, civil organizations, academic institutions, public and private foundations, international organizations and the general public.


Axes and Contents of the Conference

WYC 2010 will have two main pillars: the Government Forum and the Social Forum.

All United Nations member states, non-governmental organizations accredited to ECOSOC and representatives of international organizations will be invited to the Government Forum, meaning that approximately 1000 attendees are expected. The Government Forum will result in a Declaration with recommendations for governments on measures and policies to be taken regarding youth and development, aiming to 2015 and beyond.


The Social Forum will be a space for the Worldwide Meeting of Civil Society Organizations and the Global Village. The NGOs Meeting, expected to be attended by representatives from 300 organizations, will produce a document of recommendations that will be submitted to the Government Forum for its consideration.


The Global Village is the area where the various participants of WYC 2010 will meet, including representatives of governments, civil society, academic institutions, the media, public and private foundations and international organizations. It is a place that will be open to the public, where an information fair will be installed (with approximately 350 modules with national and international participants) as well as an area of exhibitions and special events (theater, cinema, music and others). Approximately 5,000 persons are expected to attend the Global Village.


V. Organization

The conference is a Mexican Government initiative, organized by the Foreign Relations Secretariat, the Public Education Secretariat and the Mexican Youth Institute, with the support of the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations Development Fund for Women and the United Nations Development Program.


International Committee

The International Committee will be made up of governments from countries particularly interested in joining the WYC 2010 initiative, which will be responsible for organizing the corresponding regional pre-conferences and the approval and joint sponsorship of the Declaration Project to be agreed on at the WYC 2010 Government Forum.


In addition to representatives from these countries, the Conference's International Committee will also include the participation of two representatives from the Organizing Committee for the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organizations (ICMYO), a forum comprising youth organizations at the regional and global level that follows up the processes of public youth policy in the world's countries. The Coordinating Committee of the Global Meeting of Non-Government Organizations will be responsible for the promotion and organization of the participation of civil society organizations in WYC 2010 and the organization of the Global Village.


National Committee

A National Committee will be made up of representatives of Mexico's federal government offices that have close links with development and youth issues. The University of Zacatecas (UAZ) will also participate in this committee. The National Committee will be responsible for providing the necessary technical, material and financial support to ensure the efficient running of WYC 2010.


General Secretariat

WYC 2010 will also have a General Secretariat, responsible for the organization and coordination of activities related to: planning, follow-up, program design, national and international inter-institutional links, mobilization of resources and dissemination and communication. The General Secretariat will be led by the Mexican Youth Institute, with the support of UAZ.





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